Ramiz Emini  Responsible for Organization, ROMAROAD


born 15 December 1980. from Priluzje village, in Kosovo. From early 2003 hestarted working as a journalist in Radio Station MIX in Priluzje and RADIO EUROPE Obiliic (Pristina Municipality) covering the Pristina region in Roma language. He has been involved in different projects organized by NGOs such as Ang Duga (Rainbow) and Romawood,GAIA, as well as external individual projects co-organized by UNICEF Innovation Lab that help him to organize one of his first self develop innovative ideas and to transform them into the project and their implementation. Mostly he is determined to show and promote the Roma Culture and costumes, children’s educations and youth empowerment.


Faton Mustafa is a camera man and film maker working on different documentary movie projects. He is wrking for Balkansunflowers since 2002. He has produced more than a 70 pieces of short TV reports in Romani language for the RTK newscast Yekhipe covering social issues. He is also experienced in leading youth training on making movies.


Driton Berisha is a junior student in the American University in Kosovo studying Management, Media and Graphics and International Relations. Driton is an activist since the 2005 fighting for the Human rights in his village Plemetina, concentrating on children education of Roma Ashkali and Egyptians. His involvement included running the Education Centre of Plemetina through organization Balkan Sunflowers since 2007 to 2011. Today he is still advocating for the education of these communities through co-coordination of School Mediation project involving mediators in 9 location of Kosovo. It involves helping students integrated to Kosovo education system from preschool to high school years. 


Denis Mustafa was born in 1996, Denis made his first film when he was 11 years old as a trainee when he and his older friends made Jekh Kham Jekh Sel / One Sun One Nation, a film that was shown in more than twenty film festivals. And also he made another film during a workshop in Plemetina TOXIC FUN where this film won in the DEPOK festival.  In 2013 he worked as a trainer for Romawood and GAIA leading workshops on making short movies. 


Nenad Andric …….


Selami Prizreni (Prjoject Coordinator): Selami Prizreni born 20.04.1989 in Germany meanwhile member of  NGO ROMAROAD, ROMAWOOD and GAIA KOSOVO. He gained experience by volunteering for various projects like Rolling Film Festival(Romawood), Recycle smart (GaiaKosovo). Selami also was hired for several projects (Dosta campaign, Art in action, Rolling Film festival ect.) as an composer, songwriter, rap and dance expert, and also participated for projects in and around Kosovo as an Independent Artist he raised awareness for human rights especially for the Roma minorities. Selami also speaks fluently German, English, Albanian, Romane, Serbian, Turkish and proofed organizing skills and quality.


Kefaet was born at the year 1984 in prizren, Cos, his parents ran away at the year of 88 to be safe of the war that broke out that time. He grew up in germany and became with a very joung age into a musician which leaded him to a lot stages all around germany. at the year 2010 he got deported back to kos with his younger bother selamet which was born and raised in germany. They got activ for human rights and was experting particpating and vollunteering for various project in and all over kos

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